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    I could NOT get comfortable when I lay down to sleep, so I got up and faffed around on Facebook and Twitter a bit, and got to the point where I was just going back and forth between the two and not getting any new content, so I went to blogs, and I saw that I haven’t published anything on here in a heck of a minute, so I’m writing something.

    Star Trek: Picard is awesome. I’m sad that Number One was only in a single episode, but so very glad that Patrick Stewart insisted that his dog be a pit bull. And specifically the most rawr-looking, beefiest pit bull that could be found, and a rescue to boot.

    HusBrat continues to be awesomeness personified. Cuddly, silly, convinced I’m out of my mind for loving him.

    Linden and Ronin are the best doggos on the planet and forever will be.

    I’m still playing 7 Days to Die almost 2 years after I bought it. I’ve found a seriously awesome server and community, and that’s a big part of it. The game is also just a good fit for me. Can go looting, questing, building, mining, whatever I feel at any given moment. And killing zombies is cathartic. The server is being wiped tomorrow, so it’s back to level 1, so there will actually be things to do. Yay!

    Cyan does not seem to be working on the printer. Annoying. But I did get the 2020 monthly calendar done on Publisher, so once I get the printer un-FUBAR, I can print that out.

    Time to attempt to sleep again.


    I’m working on my third straight week of meeting nearly all my goals. So far, I’ve missed a few hours here and there of getting the 250 recommended steps (to keep from being too sedentary), my 3.5-mile distance goal once (by .23 miles!), and my 30-minute daily active minutes goal once by 5 minutes, and another time by 1 minute. Though I’ve averaged out above 30 minutes a day because I’ll often get more (up to 54, woo!)

    I didn’t lose any weight this month (so far), but I am feeling better, and my resting heart rate is starting to go back down from creeping up over the winter.

    I’ve also gotten back into tracking our finances more closely. I’d kind of let that slide a wee titch, and it turned around and bit us in the ass pretty hard a time or two. But we’re back on track there, too.

    I’m hoping with fingers crossed that The HusBrat will be working remotely soonish, though he apparently got news today (er, Monday) that puts off the time when he’ll be doing that indefinitely. He’s decidedly not happy about that, and I certainly can’t blame him.

    The biggest thing right now is to maintain consistency. Keep putting one foot in front of the other (literally!) and take what comes next as it comes.


    So the Mongolian Death Plague has departed, at least mostly. By Saturday (Daddy’s 69th birthday, oy), I was pretty much over it… well I was “soooooo over it” the minute I got a tickle in my throat, but most symptoms were gone Saturday for the most part.

    Sunday, I went back to my activity levels. Since then, I’ve hit all my goals, save distance yesterday and 1 hour each of the 250 steps on Monday through yesterday. Got a good day in today, including a couple extra floors and a good walk with a happy Ronin. He gets downright stereotypically excited about walkies. When he sees me change into workout gear and put my headphones on, he starts bouncing and whining. It’s thoroughly adorable. He seems to be slimming down a titch, too. So yay for both of us!

    Mongolian Death Plague

    Since Friday, I have been sick. And when I do sick, I don’t do half-ass. I have no control over it, my immune system goes full tilt Don Quixote at windmills at the damned rhinovirus… or whatever happens to feel like trying to make a home in my upper respiratory tract. It starts with my throat feeling like someone shoved a red-hot steel wool ball down it. One of those used ones that’s all jagged edges.

    Concurrently, my sinuses fill up with crap to the point that it feels like I have half a ton of wet, slimy cotton in my head that I can. not. get rid of, no matter how much I blow into how many tissues or sniff back. Sudafed and Benadryl, in combination, give some relief.

    But, even though I may not actually have much of anything in my bronchial tree, that whole apparatus gets into the act of trying to expel the crud from my sinuses by making with the coughing. Unproductive coughing. Which has the oh-so-not-wonderful effect of making my sinuses feel like they’re going to expel all the ick through the top of my skull, or go out trying.

    Saturday had the bonus of a fever that briefly climbed to 100.3°F until brought down by ibuprofen. It’s squeaked back up around 99 a time or two since. Yesterday, I finally felt good enough to stand long enough to take as close to a boiling hot shower as I could possibly manage.

    And yes, Mom, I’ve been pushing fluids like they’re drying off the face of the earth. Water, tea, broth, even a glass of orange juice or two. If grossness from my sinuses doesn’t bug my eyeballs out of my head, they’ll float away.

    Throughout it all, the dogs have stayed companionably close while not being quite as snuggly as they sometimes are. Good boys.

    By the way, the only time I’ve gotten 250 steps in any given hour or over 2,000 steps in a day during this is completely by accident. And somehow, early this morning, I managed to raise my heart rate for my Fitbit to register 7 active minutes. I think I might have had a seriously hellacious coughing fit… or something.

    I ran out of Benadryl last night, so I’m solely on Sudafed right now. And apparently, my body is saying “oooooh, we got sleep Monday, now we have speed, no Tuesday sleep for dj00!” Since I’ve been up for 23½ hours now and show no signs of stopping.

    I hate being sick.

    So, I’m 42 Now…

    So, I’m back on the wagon a little more firmly now. In the last couple of weeks since I posted, I’ve gotten at least 30 active minutes per day except for a 3 day stint surrounding my birthday (the 19th). Today, I took Ronin for a walk and tuckered him out. We’ll walk the tubby off of both of us! That helped me blow all of my goals (7,500 steps, 10 floors, 3.5 miles, 2,500 calories, 30 minutes) out of the water for today. I feel pretty awesome. I’m also back down to the weight I was in October. Here’s to keeping the trend going down!

    Ronin’s zonked after our walk!





    Also, I’ve been better at being involved with my Lions club. Since I keep up the website, I was tapped to make a page for our first golf ball drop. For info, click here. I also made a flyer to hang up around the area. It’s going to sort of be the kick-off for our District Convention. We sincerely hope it becomes an annual thing.

    As for the title, yes, I turned 42 on the 19th. One of the first things I said after the clock clicked over midnight was “So this is the answer to life, the universe, and everything? I am disappoint.” Cheese, I crack myself up. 😂

    That Damned Wagon

    As I discussed with my therapist yesterday, getting back on the moving more wagon is harder than climbing aboard in the first place. Day two is going well so far. I actually got forty minutes in because my heart rate dropped below the zone before the thirtieth minute was done. So I went out and took a walk around the block.

    My brother and his wife have gone keto, as a lot of others I know have. I know myself well enough that I wouldn’t last five minutes, and if I did go and lost weight, the minute I backed off, I’d gain it all back and then some. So moving more is going to have to be the ticket for me. Slow and steady. I’d rather lose two or three pounds a month and keep it off than lose fifteen a month and pack it all back on.

    But that means I have to keep. my ass. moving.

    Damn it.


    I am incredibly privileged in several respects, but most so in that I don’t have to have a job to keep a (pretty nice) roof over our heads.

    This is fortunate for several reasons, not the least of which is because I am a fat woman. My BMI, for those who still put faith in a measurement so increasingly seen as outdated and unhelpful, is 40. My body fat percentage, as measured by a smart scale (Fitbit Aria), is 46.0% as of Sunday. This means that if I interviewed for jobs, my admitted lack of qualifications would be secondary to my appearance. Fortunately, I’m a white woman, so I have a chance, however small, of being hired.

    But I would likely still face what Sarah Hollowell did, to some degree. I’m very glad Roxane Gay stood up for her. This thread, and especially some of the replies, are both sad and enraging.


    So I managed a 5-day streak, but that was it. I haven’t gotten much of any of my goals in the time since.

    But y’know what? I’m not stressing it. I have permission from myself to half-ass through the holidays. It’s cold, it gets dark early, and I’m allowed not to freak out about making goals every day. I am doing better about getting more steps in, and more hours with 250+ steps. All I need to do is better over all.

    Third Time’s The Charm?

    Day three! Each day I’ve also gotten all 12 hours with 250+ steps and more than 36 oz. of water. I’m feelin’ streaky.

    Oops (not really) I Did It Again

    Two day streak.