The Socks, They Are Rocked

I’m still moving. And I’m seeing results. Not just losing weight — which I am — but also in lower resting heart rate and generally feeling better. I impressed my doctor last week at my annual physical. I still think therapy and Prozac are feeding into that. I’m also expressing myself and asserting myself better. If my needs aren’t heard, they can’t be met.

I’ve been on the “solo adventures” in Yosemite on Fitbit and am pretty bummed that the only other ones are portions of the New York Marathon (5K, 10K and whole shebang). I’d love to see something along Glenwood Canyon in Colorado or in Arches National Park, for example. It’s a great way to get moving. I’ve added my input to the suggestions on the community forums, so fingers crossed.

But today, I got 74 active minutes, because I wanted to make it so I got as many hours as days in the week. At least so far. So as of right now, I have 240 active minutes for this week. The sense of accomplishment is pretty empowering. Rawr.

So far, pretty decent

After three weeks plus on Prozac, I can say that there’s an improvement. I’m also moving more, getting more steps in, both in spurts and spread out. This week, I’m actually 77 out of 79 and on track to be 82 out of 84 for the twelve hours per day I have my Fitbit set to prod me to get 250 steps per hour. This also has had the benefit of making sure I’m well over my steps for every day, usually by more than a thousand.

The funny thing is that I’ve actually done all this because I gave myself permission to half-ass (or even quarter-ass) things. I’m not beating myself up if I miss an hour. Next hour is another chance. I’ve also been walking around the end of the cul-de-sac at least as much as on the Gazelle. The Gazelle is still the best way for me to get my cardio in, at least partially because my third S6 Edge (first one was stolen, second one had display crap out) has battery issues. Nothing I can’t work around for the most part, so I’m not sweating it. But leaving it plugged in while I’m on the Gazelle with my headphones on is just the best way to do things for the moment. I agree with my therapist that moving more is creating a feedback loop, where I have more energy and feel better; and when I have more energy and feel better, I move more.

One big change I’ve already noticed on Prozac… I probably fall somewhere between normal PMS and PMDD at least on the mood spectrum, since I’m ridiculously fortunate enough to fairly rarely have cramps. But I do tend to get downright bitchy when I’m due, and this month, I was actually surprised because I hadn’t had any of the moodiness I normally do. Marcus and John noticed as well. So if nothing else, that’s a huge help.

Right now, I actually have my fingers crossed (though not my breath held…) that I can actually get to downright happy rather than content.

Today, dammit

So it’s been a week since I had my first therapy appointment and 5 days since I started on Prozac. I’m not really noticing a lot of difference, but I don’t really expect to. I have fairly consistently been getting more exercise since Friday as well. I haven’t done a ten minute plus stint on the Gazelle today… yet. But I’m definitely getting up and moving a bit more. It’s nice to see my stats rise on Fitbit if nothing else.

I’m still trying not to poke at what I should be doing over what I am doing. Even to the point of “okay, keep this up.” Because projecting keeping something up into the future is the easiest way to become overwhelmed and end up despairing. So this is my frequently-needed reminder to concentrate on the now.

Which means I changed the title of this entry from “Day 5/Day 7” to what it is.

Late Start

So I’m not going to try to make myself do all the things, but I am going to give myself credit when I do any of the things. So, to give credit… Marcus (roommate) offered to pay my copays for getting therapy for depression. I’ve had it pretty much as long as I can remember. Most of the time it manifests in low energy and apathy. It has excellent disguises, like momentary enthusiasm and the occasional sense of contentment or outright happiness. …and then I start looking at what I’m doing (or more to the point, not doing) and realize that they’re coming fewer and further between.

So this past Tuesday, I had my first therapy appointment. With encouragement from my therapist, I also consulted my primary doc, and as of about 12 hours from now, I’ll be starting on Prozac. Right this minute, I’m satisfied with taking my first baby steps on a trajectory, but I’m not looking too far ahead, mainly because I don’t want to overwhelm myself.

Also today, I managed to get 12 good minutes in on the Gazelle. Got my heart rate up, got a good sweat going. I’m just going to be proud of myself for that without pressuring to do more. Celebrating the good.

I will be calling one of my two senators…

I’ve heard the calls to “keep calling your senators, tell them that Trump’s cabinet picks are garbage and to not repeal the ACA.”

There’s two problems with that. My senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Most of the country is familiar with Ted Cruz by now, and John Cornyn is just a quieter Tea Party line-toer.

I have pretty much no hope whatsoever that Ted Cruz will listen to any appeals from anyone to reject efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its totality and in each individual part. He’s made it abundantly clear that no way no how will he ever do anything that could possibly be construed as anything positive toward President Obama. Lost cause there. I really have little hope that he’ll actually obstruct, even out of sheer cussedness, any of Trump’s cabinet picks. Basically, I write off Ted Cruz listening to anyone more liberal than the KKK on anything. An actual Obama supporter? Fuggedabouddit.

John Cornyn, from a quick perusal of his tweets, might maybe possibly be open to forestalling efforts until a viable replacement is codified and presented. So I’ll be calling his office tomorrow. As far as the cabinet confirmations go, however, that perusal of his tweets shows him to be doing his part to carry Trump’s water and is as lost a cause on that as Cruz is on the ACA.

Twenty Seventeen

So now it’s twenty seventeen. Not that I expected it to be, nor expect it to be for at least the first few weeks, it’s not different from 2016.

However, the day after my forty-first birthday, I expect things to begin to change pretty drastically. The biggest change will be that we will definitively no longer have a president most of the country can be proud of. There are plenty of people, several eye-rollingly in my own family, who say that we haven’t had one for the last eight years either. But we’ve had a classy, gracious, gentleman in the White House the last eight years, and we will have someone who is the polar and exact opposite of both adjectives and the noun for the next four. And he will officially be in office. The very thought makes me nauseated.

Twenty Sixteen

Oofdah. What a year this has been.

His Bratliness has managed to make a Cubs fan out of me lo these last several years (I was watching during the Steve Bartman incident), so this year’s win was pretty awesome. Here’s to next year being just as awesome for the team.

All the other things, though… I won’t go into the whole dumpster fire this year has been with the deaths of various icons or the politics.

Personally, it’s been pretty good over all. We haven’t gone any deeper into debt, though the debt we carried into this year hasn’t lessened by a whole hell of a lot either. We’re keeping our heads above water, pretty much. We had a friend move in with his two pit bulls, and they’re adorable goofballs. PITA… poor kitty. He’ll be capping off his 21st trip around the sun April 1, which will put him roughly at the equivalent of 100 human years old. He’s fairly close to stone deaf, at least has vision problems, is arthritic enough that he can’t get up on so much as a step stool, and is fairly obviously dealing with some sort of feline dementia, but over all, he seems to be happy. Pepa died back in January, just a few days before my birthday, but she’d been withdrawing for a good long while, so it wasn’t as much of a wrench to see her go.

Looking into 2017, I should really blog more. I have a few ideas, so we’ll see how it goes.