Who Am I?


Corax is from the species name of the common raven. Celticus refers to parts of my north western European heritage. I identify strongly with both.

The Long Version
I’m a homemaker. That leaves out housekeeping, though, as I’m a rather horrid one. I’m a fairly decent cook, pretty good baker.

I’m a cradle Episcopalian (third generation at least) though now I’m somewhere on the deist/agnostic/atheist spectrum, a Lion, mostly resigned to being a transplanted Texan, a bibliophile, a logophile (lover of words), a role-player, an intersectional feminist, and a geek. I play World of Warcraft and Pogo.com games, chat, Twitter, LiveJournal, and generally spend a lot of time futzing around on the ‘net.

I’m staff to/owned by a goofy kitteh, PITA (Pain In The … well, you know), a peach-point Siamese. He’s going on 21 years old, siblings from the same litter. He does his best to alternately keep me sane and drive me crazy. His sister Pepa, a brindle calico, died in mid-January 2016. Also living with me lately are a pair of even goofier pit bulls. Linden is a dalmation-spotted white and Ronin is a caramel or cinnamon. They make me smile and shake my head about equally.

Wait, wasn’t this “Black Kestrel”? What did that come from and where did it go?

It’s actually a little bit of Mary Sue-ness. I had been reading Mercedes Lackey’s Bardic Voices series when I came up with my first free-form online text-based narrative roleplaying character on a chatsite called WBS. Beautiful, red-haired, talented… all the things I wished I could be, of course. Like the characters in the Bardic Voices, she chose the “nom de musique” of a bird. “Kestrel” was already taken, so she specified the super-melanated version and the Black Kestrel was “born.”

Since this was my primary character, and her shortened name was “Kes” I eventually became known as “Kes-mun” and eventually started going by Kes everywhere. The only people who still call me by the name on my birth certificate are related to me or creditors.

I’ve got the red-haired down, thanks to Garnier (screw you, Miss Clairol, you fry my hair!), and fortunately, my husband thinks I’m at least reasonably pretty. I have enough musical talent to keep from embarrassing myself in a church choir and to entertain myself in the shower.

As far as where the whole Black Kestrel thing went… I’ve been slowly expanding my horizons into things like intersectional feminism, and I felt like naming myself a Black Kestrel was disingenuous since I’m milk-pale. My primary heritage is northern and western European, so I picked the bit I identify most with, rather than co-opting something that I have no claim to.

The “corax” part comes from the species name for the Common Raven: corvidus corax. It’s used for the name of the were-ravens in the classic World of Darkness roleplaying games by White Wolf/Onyx Path games. I identify very strongly with many of the personality traits of the corax, and have incorporated it into my online identity in various ways for years now.