Walk in Beauty

I don’t know a whole lot about it, probably barely more than a typical Anglo (and that mostly from the fiction of Tony Hillerman and David & Aimée Thurlo), but something intrigues me about the Navajo Way. It’s more than a religion, it’s a complete lifestyle that extends from the spiritual outward.

The whole point is to “walk in beauty”, to have a sense of harmony with yourself, your family, your total environment in such a way that you fit like a key to a lock into your place in the universe. Any disharmony causes sickness, though it may not always be an obvious physical illness, or even an obvious mental disorder.

I thought about this because I occasionally design my perfect house in my mind, and I realized I wanted a room that was something like a chapel – dedicated to beauty, quiet, comfort, and contemplation. I even saw it, with soft blue walls, subdued lighting, perhaps a fireplace. A true sanctuary. Perhaps now, the fact that it exists that concretely in my mind is enough to make it such a sanctuary.

Tell me about it...