For entertainment purposes only

I’m not into astrology, but like pretty much every person I’ve ever met, I know my sign and some of the basic traits ascribed to people with that sign.

I’m a Capricorn, but I was born pretty much at the last minute to be one. I’ve never been the typical driven, type A personality I usually hear ascribed to Caps, and I’ve only grown more laid back as I get older. In certain ways, at least.

Recently, I found a site that listed some likes and dislikes for each sign, just futzing around. If I went solely by that list, I’d be a Pisces. Likes were listed as “foods of all kinds, romantic places, sunsets over the sea, waterfalls, ponds, poetry, people, mystical settings, candles, incense, freedom to drift along from moment to moment, and their own uninterrupted personal privacy”. I went through and ticked each one off with a “Yup. Yup. Yup. Yup. Uh huh. Yup. Absofrigginlutely.” Dislikes were listed as “bright, noisy, crowded, popular places and dirty, ugly, garish objects, and the wrong people. Again I ticked each of the three off as applying to me.

Not surprisingly, as I’m an introvert. Being around crowds makes me jittery and squirmy, both due to the simple stress of being around so many other people with their thoughts and feelings and the noise they make simply by being around as well as the sense that they’re judging as people do. Inevitably, the way someone wears their hair, the way they speak, the way they walk, what clothes they wear… each little thing is categorized according to the observer’s previous experiences and expectations are there according to those previous experiences. It’s the way humans work. And the way many people (most of the ones I’ve run across) have learned to interact with others, the judgments tend to be on the harsh side. If you’re not just like me, you’re not an “us” therefore you are a “them” and to be ridiculed or evangelized or fought or ignored.

Mostly, I ignore. Anything else requires too much interaction. The one thing that drives me the most nuts is being forced to interact, even passively. Having a car drive by—or worse, sit in a parking lot—blasting their bass not only gives me a headache, but is forcing me to listen to something not of my own choosing. This leaves room for compromise, because the choice is still there.

Another frequent occurrence that tends to drive me up a tree is when parents will tell their children to “go play outside” to get them out of their hair. It’s all well and good when there’s enough room between where the kids are to play and other people, but in apartments when there’s not a playground or park or something far enough away that the noise doesn’t reach me, those parents are just inflicting on me what they won’t deal with themselves, and that’s unacceptable.

I’m really not sounding as laid back as I claim. Drawing a few hard lines, though, lets me be as laid back as I want everywhere else.

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