John and I have said for a while now that when we get our vehicle paid off, we want to buy a house. Of course, that got put off when we totalled our car just a few months before we paid it off, back in ’07.

I’ve put some thought into what I want in a house. Some of it comes from experience, of course. Some of it comes from what my sisters have.

A few things I really want are:
A separate utility room. At least big enough to have our front-loading washer and dryer in, preferably big enough for a folding table and a Cat Genie as well.
3 bedrooms, with the master a decent size. about 14×14 or so would be ideal, but anything larger than our current 10×10 will work.
At least 1¾ baths, though I’d prefer at least 2 full baths.
Storage space, either an outdoor room off a porch or patio or a shed in the back yard.
A dishwasher.

Those are the real deal-breakers, the things that will make me consider a slightly more expensive house.

Things I’d like:
A garden tub, i.e. one with bowed-out sides and more room than a typical rounded-rectangle. If I can get one with jets, I will be one seriously happy Kes.
A wet bar. Hey, even if we don’t keep a lot of alcohol around it’s a nice thing to have.
A fireplace. Yes, even though this is Texas, most of the houses my family had while I was growing up had one, and it’s still nice to curl up in front of a fire on a chilly night with a good book and a mug of tea.
A secondary main living space, aka family room or den. This would be in addition to a dining area, and would be the space set aside for gaming. A nice big table (or even smaller one with individual tables [TV trays] for players), some chairs a few bookcases holding gaming books and/or minis, and we’re set. Room for a fridge would be nice. I mean, who wants to go clear to the kitchen for a drink? *L* Of course, having the wet bar in this room would be mightily convenient.
Laminate, vinyl, tile, or hardwood floors throughout. This is mostly due to our cats, who shed like crazy. Carpet is much more adept at grabbing and holding onto shed pet hair, and harder to clean it out of. Rugs are just fine.

These are things that I would absolutely adore, but won’t break a house for me.

I’ve found a house with most of these. I can’t tell what kind of tubs are in the bathrooms, but everything else is just about perfect. I’m not going to link to it, but boy do I wish we could break our lease for this house.

Tell me about it...