Of Coffee and Tea

I’ve got a fairly wide variety of caffeinated beverages I like. Well, okay, it can basically be narrowed to three. Coffee, tea, and Pepsi. Dr Pepper and Coke will do in a pinch (usually occurring at a burger joint that doesn’t serve Pepsi products or Barq’s root beer).

Ooh. And G33k B33r, but that’s in a category all its own.

But I’ve found myself leaning more and more toward tea when I want something hot and caffeinated. Not just because I like the taste better, but in a way, at least partially because of the whole culture surrounding tea—everything from Japanese tea ceremonies to the much more abbreviated but still as fraught with meaning British version. It’s something that’s come down through centuries both intact and changing with the times. The basics of warming the pot, having special blends of teas imported, and sipping haven’t changed, but the fact that an “electric kettle” is now the preferred method for boiling the water is a sign of currency.

Coffee has its own ceremonies, to be sure. Everything from the yuppy dash to Starbucks to the resurgence of the community coffee shop where discussions on everything from art to philosophy are had. Coffee culture, perhaps in reflection of its higher caffeine content, is a bit faster, more on-the-move, hours-long discussions aside.

Perhaps it comes down to taste after all.

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