I remember taking a song I had heard the previous year to my high school choir teacher my sophomore year. He dismissed it as weak. I don’t remember the words, just the attitude. The music itself was too pop-y, and the lyrics were nonsense feel-good junk. Basically, it was characterized as a musical candy bar. He’s mellowed some since, but back then, he was rather stringent in what constituted acceptable music.

From the perspective of about the same amount of time since as I’d lived up to that point, I can honestly say that I disagree. I did then, too, but it was from a more emotional point of view.

One of the specific things that he had a problem with was that, for a purportedly “Christian” song, the lyrics didn’t have any “meat” to them, any real message. I didn’t really formulate why I disagreed back then, and even if I had, I wouldn’t have had the chutzpah to confront him with it. I think there’s something to be said for overly-emotional musical junk food. If something like that is what it takes to reach someone who’s in an emotional morass (and what else quite so well describes the hormonal stew known as puberty that we’re all subjected to??), so be it.

Something to get out of my system.

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