An insight?

I had a dream that I believe gives me some insight into our political system.

It started as a basic sci-fi premise that’s been seen many times. A technologically advanced group lands on a planet and observes and/or helps one or more groups on that planet.

I seemed to be in the observational group. The planet in question had two groups that had evolved two societies that had some major differences, but also had much in common. The most basic difference was the underpinnings for the reasons behind laws and customs. One group prized individuality above all else. Excellence was praised as a way to shine as an individual and was rewarded with increased wealth and status. The other group prized the community. Excellence was also praised, but as a way to help the community overall and was enfolded back in as a way to lift the whole to better things.

The individualistic society also ended up having the whole lifted up by the excellence of the members as well, partially because each person strove to prove his or her excellence.

In both societies, diversity was appreciated and cultivated: in Society I because it offered many ways to excel; and in Society C because it gave the community depth and breadth. Naturally, a certain amount of conformity in both societies was also both necessary and encouraged.

The correlations to our political parties and their ideologies is obvious, at least to me. There are things to be said for both, and neither is inherently wrong nor right. I personally tend to see the individualists as tending to be more selfish, but acknowledge that their contributions to the community are valuable, as well as the fact that the motives aren’t always necessarily so easily seen.

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