A look back and addition

I looked back at previous entries and noticed the one on Houses. We actually bought out of our lease as part of buying a house. I got every single thing in my deal-breakers list, and all but the fireplace and wet bar on the “I’d Like” list. Basically. In exchange for a separate/extra family room or den, I got my own study. We have a huge dining room table that’s great for gaming.

Of course, we closed on Friday, June 3 and moved a few things in that very night. By the following Monday, we had our table and refrigerator. We were pretty bad about moving the rest of the stuff, though. It wasn’t until the the 23-25th I (because by that time, John was out of town) got the rest of the stuff (including the furbutts) to the new house and the old apartment cleaned.

Continuing the trend, even though everything got moved on the 23rd and 24th, I still haven’t unpacked most of it, so the living room is still full of boxes.

I, however, am not the only one to be behind the curve on things. Time Warner Cable, the only cable option in town, doesn’t have the infrastructure in the part of the new subdivision our house is in. The really lovely part is that it’s in place everywhere surrounding us… next street over, around the corner, etc. but not on this little hundred-yard-or-so cul de sac. That’s probably my hugest beef with the whole thing right now. Both John and I are reduced to using air cards on single computers at a time and we have no cable TV, no wireless network, and no phone service other than our cells. I’m still trying to get them to get out here and put the stuff in place before more houses are built and they have yet more to work around (e.g. drilling driveways). But maybe if there begins to be more people here (hopefully also complaining), they’ll actually do something about it.

Tell me about it...