One of the things that inspired me to look into using labyrinths as a meditation tool is the HeartMates of Celta series by Robin D. Owens, specifically the book Heart Duel.

A little background: Some indeterminate time in Earth’s future, humans have spread out and colonized. One group, psionically talented and thus mistrusted at least in part set out to find their own planet and settle. Off-course, they end up finding the planet now known as Celta. Celta has proven over the last 4 centuries since colonization to be habitable, but variably hostile to Earth life. Families regularly have only 2 or 3 children, 4 is considered blessedly, amazingly large. Various other flora and fauna have adapted or hybridized to various degrees. Psionic power (called Flair) has increased. One of the things the original colonists did was use a crater north of the first city to create a giant labyrinth. Those with a certain amount of Flair, regardless of other talents, are able to teleport. Somehow, this labyrinth was created such that one can teleport to the center, but not out. In Heart Duel, the main male character has some issues to work through, things that have upset his view of himself and his place in his family and his world. He teleports to the center of the labyrinth in his sleep, and ends up having to walk out, and this enables him to meditate through some of these issues.

I would love to see a giant labyrinth like that, one where rather than simply a flat pattern laid out in bricks, tile or whatnot, there’s a wall or hedge. Large enough, and at the turning points, there could even be rest spots, as there is in the Celtan labyrinth. Even something as simple as a water fountain and a bench.

For me, it’s one of those things to think about doing if I ever win the lottery.

Tell me about it...