It’s amazing how much of my news I get from Twitter. Part of that is due to the fact that even if news doesn’t actually break on Twitter, it gets there fast and spreads like wildfire. Part of it is the fact that I don’t have cable TV (Thanks, Time Warner, so much…) right now and thus don’t watch TV news, not that I do all that consistently even when I do have it available.

Another part of it is that I don’t have a news aggregating site I go to every day. The HusBrat reads headlines on Yahoo!’s front page, I could probably go to Google’s news page or have iGoogle be my starting page or something, but my habits are simply different. So I get my news from Twitter. If I feel like finding something out in more depth, Google News is always right there, as is The Killeen Daily Herald website and the website for my local CBS affliate, KWTX, whose news is the one I watch when I do at all.

But The Bloggess wrote a great post about how the internet is her community and how we’re all tied together. Twitter, for me, is a combination of the neighborhood gossip, the big bulletin board seen at some of the housing areas on post, and the big-screen TV scrolling the headlines. All this makes it a huge part of my particular community, or at least how I interact with it.

Another little bit of news today… there’s a rather awesome marriage epidemic going on in NYC today. Congratulations to all the newlyweds! May your lives be filled with the little joys that keep you going.

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