I am incredibly disappointed in my community for yesterday. People were on TV talking about how they were supporting “patriotism” and “free speech.” That’s bullshit. The fecal matter from the cows used in their campaign is far less repugnant than the spurious arguments used for promoting intolerance.

No one. NO. ONE. is advocating silencing Dan Cathy. He has the right to say whatever he likes. Those of us who advocate boycotting his restaurants don’t want to silence him or put him in jail for saying what he believes. We want it to be known that our consciences don’t agree with his, or with those who run the organizations he supports. Those organizations (The Family Research Council and the Marriage & Family Foundation), on the other hand, DO. The FRC DOES advocate criminalizing same-sex-loving behavior. Both organizations have done “missionary” work abroad that strengthens and promotes criminalization of and punishments including DEATH for those that engage in same-sex-loving behavior. Natural behavior that they simply deem is safe to hate others enough to kill them for. Yes. KILL them for.

I am deeply disappointed that people I know support a company that has given over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS to organizations that advocate killing people for behavior that does no harm to them or to anyone else.

If someone, gay or straight, has done anything to even cheapen your marriage, much less “wreck” or “ruin” it, it’s between you as individuals. Blaming an entire group for ruining the sanctity of an institution speaks far more ill of the current state of that institution than it does of the group being blamed.

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