Mental Backlash

Ye gods, another post from me! When does it all end? …anyway.

The local CBS affiliate teased a story they were covering on the 10 o’clock broadcast during prime time. The story was about parents protesting a billboard near an elementary school advertising help for online porn addiction. That kind of thing really doesn’t need to be right by an elementary school, I agree.

Personally, I don’t think it needs to be anywhere, nammit. Perhaps it’s mental backlash from the last two and a half years or more of conservative politicians and their homophobic, anti-woman crap, but that kind of advertisement always feels judgmental to me. First, that kind of thing isn’t something anybody likes to see in three-foot letters. It doesn’t necessarily need to be secret and would probably be detrimental if it were, but AA doesn’t advertise like that. Neither do any of the other Anonymous groups or any rehab clinics.

And that’s counting it as a legitimate addiction. I have little doubt that there probably are people out there who spend ridiculous amounts of money they may or may not have on subscription sites and are legitimately addicted. But the people who have these “outreach ministries” consider anyone who’s watched a single RedTube video to at least be on the slippery slope. They’re the same kind of people who think that buying a single issue of Playboy is starting on a downward spiral to hookers and drugs.

There may actually be people who honestly want to help. But it just feels to me like anyone who puts up a billboard like that is really just judging anybody who doesn’t fit their idea of purity. At best they’re smirkingly wagging their fingers at the naughty naughty people who watch, read, or whatever anything about sex beyond having it with their spouse in their bed and nevereverever breathing a word about it otherwise. At worst, they’re pointing fingers and saying that anyone who doesn’t fit their idea of purity is evil and horrible and in need of their own special judgmental help.

And that pisses me off.

Like I said, I may be having mental backlash. It just seems that the people who use their own brand of Christianty to make themselves feel superior are the ones that I see. I call them Christocrats. They’re no more true Christians than Jihadists like Al Queda are true Muslims. They just don’t push their agenda as violently (in most cases, abortion clinic bombers come to mind as exceptions…).

I’m not precisely certain about what I believe, but I definitely believe that religion is (and probably has always been) more of an excuse to define an us and them as good and evil than anything real.

Tell me about it...