I Will Never Be An Award-Winning Blogger

Watching The Story Board with Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson, John Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton (I have Jenny’s and Wil’s blogs on my daily read list, and frequently read Scalzi’s, usually when one of the other two links to his…) I realize again that I will never have an actual following.

I’m okay with that. I do like the way that Scalzi talks about how he writes things down to figure out what he actually thinks about them. That is probably my singular motivation for writing anything here at all. Do I wish more people read this? Yes. If nobody else but some future version of me looking back and reading what I thought about something at a particular point in time ever does read this, I’ll manage to be okay with it.

Of course, one of the biggest reasons I go months between posts is that I have next to no attention span. Twitter is much more my speed, so my thoughts will probably be more accurately reflected there.

The other thing about it is that I don’t have a theme. I’m not a mommy blogger, I’m not a foodie blogger, I’m not all that funny (at least not consistently), and there are far too many women my age still trying to figure themselves out and figure out what they want the rest of their lives to look like for me to be anything remotely resembling unique.

And that’s the main thing I have to learn to be okay with. I’m actually not a special snowflake. I’m a white woman in my mid-to-late thirties with no kids. I’m something of a geek. So I guess I’m “coming out” as Jenny puts it, as absolutely NOT unique.

Tell me about it...