A show I’d like to see

Or better yet, participate in. It conglomerates The Biggest Loser, perhaps some of The Amazing Race and the Discovery Channel’s Fight Quest.

This was one of those ideas born in that slow waking-up time, off the edges of a dream.

The basic idea is that groups of people would travel around the world to various places (the first two to come to my mind were Japan and Provence, France) and learn how to cook the most healthful dishes from the area as well as a form of exercise (the beginners forms of a local martial art, a local dance) and some of the culture of the area.

I’d like to see something a little less exploitive than a lot of the reality shows out there, both of the “contestants” and the areas in which they travel, so my idea would incorporate the best of what I’ve seen of all three shows (consisting of an episode here and there of the latter two and previews and commercials for The Biggest Loser).

Just a little idea I wanted to get out before I forgot it altogether.

Tell me about it...