I’m stagnating. I feel like I’m drying up. It’s probably a temporary thing, but it’s there right now.

Now, in general, I understand my limitations. I’m not good at new. I’m good at modifying, at tweaking. I like to play with things. And I’m perfectionistic. So continuous tweaking. I’m also good at enjoying what others create. I love to read, but I’m not a writer, for example.

But for some reason, I feel the need to create something right now, in my own way. To pull together disparate elements and make a different whole, much like I do with the various character sheets I host on this site.

To jump-start myself, I started in on coloring a little sheet from my Smurf coloring cube. It’s simple, there’s a set scheme (at least for the actual Smurf, if not the accessories) so I have the rules to follow. I can also change up the scheme, play with it a bit, so that allows my tweaking side to come out. It seems to be working.

I’m also at least trying to hold myself to actually posting to this thing rather than just leaving it here as a placeholder for a real site. Heh.

Tell me about it...