And I ended up expending my creativity in a big burst. I felt the need to have some kind of description of plot hooks that can my roleplaying characters moving, and after starting with a page where I was going to anchor and cross link things to a list, I realized that oh, yeah, there’s a wiki available, and several of these characters already have pages. I just need to go do some editing.

So I went down the list, had a format, and put down basic information for each of my characters. To get the formatting just right, do a little research, and get each page the way I wanted it to look, it took me all night. But I’m decidedly happy with it. I may still do a little tweaking here and there, but now I can point to something when someone is looking for roleplay and say “that’s what my characters are about, think you have someone who’d like to meet one?”

So I’m quite happy.

Tell me about it...