New Year Randomness

I learned how to use masks in PhotoPlus X4. Go me. Might play around with those a bit more. Things I would like to get this year include PhotoPlus X6. I’d like to keep up with the upgrades on that, but X4 works for me for now.

I think I need to start taking walks. If nothing else, getting my joints moving more might help them to hurt less. It’s not a resolution, just a “hmm, now is a good time to start this thing I should do.”

Unfortunately, we’re starting this year in something of a crappy place financially, and we’ve not been doing much to improve the picture. That needs to change as well.

I ended the year (and started the new one) with role play. This was good. Was a very intense scene, and advanced a plot for a character in a very needed way. I’d definitely like that to happen more.

Now I think I’m going to get dressed and take that walk.

Tell me about it...