There hasn’t been any major political news or much of anything outside the norm for me to post lately. Biggest news is probably that I’ve got four level 90 characters in three different classes on WoW now. I’m not sure just exactly what that says about me, but I’ll just leave it there.

I am making more of an effort to RP, though. I enjoy playing my characters and have gone entirely too long entirely too often without playing them.

One thing I’m trying to get myself to do is take up the Bloggess’ banner and consider this year an actual preparation. Yes, I’ve been kind of coasting, resting for a while, but giving myself permission to use this year as a psych-up for facing what’s next, as a get-things-in-order rather than just lazily coasting, even though I’m actually doing most of the same things, will hopefully leave me actually better-prepared at the end of the year for what actually does come next. Or at least to go and find it.

So there’s that. No resolutions, just thoughts on what might be a good idea to do. More walks are on the list, using the time I have paid up at the gym is on the list… but they’re not “have tos” to keep resolutions, just out there as good ideas.

Tell me about it...