Someone I respect quite a bit linked to a comment that ended up sickening me for all the wrong reasons.

The comment:

This month what it means to be a woman is getting gang raped on a bus until you die from it. It means being drugged and carried to multiple parties where teenage boys rape you, piss on you, film it, and laugh. It means surviving rape by your father to be flogged by your government. Just to name a few of the more popular atrocities for 2013.

Being a woman means hating your body so much you’d rather vomit every day than live in it. It means never having money to pay the rent. It means being sold into marriage at age 12 and being dead from childbirth at age 13. Everywhere around the world, it means being aborted and starved and sliced and violated and beaten and never, ever seeing an end to male sadism.

Shoes? Nails? Beautiful suits?

These men make me. So. Fucking. Angry.

On it’s own, it merely is a bit of misandry, probably justified to a certain extent by the commenter (identified as “Lydia”) having been a rape victim or close to one. It’s the other comments, as well as the blogs linked to from the original, that have me sickened. The hate and vituperation directed at transwomen is just… it leaves me with a mixture of anger, sadness, and a few other less definable things as a lump in my throat and my mind that it’s a little hard to get words around. Here are the important ones, though.

Being a woman means being a human being first.

It does not include coopting rape as solely a ciswomen’s issue.

It means treating all other human beings, whatever chromosomes and/or plumbing they may have been born with AS human beings.

It does not include lumping transwomen in with drag queens as men “acting out what they think a woman is meant to be like in their idea by dressing as them they think they become women.” as another commenter put it.

Being a woman does not include dismissing someone else’s gender identity as bullshit because of your own prejudices.

Sometimes it means shoes and nails and beautiful suits and celebrating the positive aspects of being feminine, even if you happened to have been born with a Y chromosome.

Tell me about it...