Yummy experimentation results

I fairly recently tried the International Delight iced coffee in mocha, and loved it. But the half-gallon carton was going way too fast before payday. Also, I had a wild hair that I wanted hot chocolate, but after actually making it, decided I didn’t, really. So an experiment was born. I brewed some coffee into a 2-quart pitcher, poured in the hot chocolate I’d made, added the last of the old gallon of milk and most of a pint container of Italian Sweet Cream creamer I had gotten, filling up the pitcher.

Tasted, and omg, success. I repeated the experiment this time with a little more attention paid to amounts, and here’s my recipe…ish.

Brew 1 quart coffee… I like it strong, so I ground the beans I had pretty fine and used a good amount.

Make hot chocolate the old-fashioned way (I use this for my single-serve in the winter)
¼ cup Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa
¼ cup sugar
dash salt
just enough HOT/boiling water to make a paste
heat until almost boiling, stirring constantly
stir in 1 to 1½ c. milk
heat to hot chocolate drinkability
stir in 1 tsp of vanilla extract

Add the hot chocolate to the coffee. Add another cup or so of milk, then fill the 2 quart pitcher with your favorite creamer and stir really well. Refrigerate.

Pour (over ice or not) and enjoy!

Note: you’ll probably want to stir the pitcher before pouring if it’s had time to settle.

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