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So tomorrow we’re doing a Straysgiving, like so many people, are. It seems to be common for twenty- and thirty-somethings, especially in the last few years. Most of us can’t afford to go home, it seems. So we get together with our friends and have the meals pot-luck.

Our meal tomorrow will be not untypical. We’ll have a turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, veggies, and pies. We’re actually going to have 6 pies for 4, maybe 5 adults, a three-year-old, and an eleven-month-old. I think we’re set on dessert. *L* We have a Marie Callender’s peppermint pie, an apple/caramel/walnut pie, a chocolate cream pie, a strawberry cheese pie, a blackberry cheese pie, and of course, the requisite pumpkin. Nommity.

We’ll probably play some Munchkin, maybe some D&D, watch some football of course. I’m actually looking forward to it, though I know I’ll probably be at least somewhat exhausted after. Still, it’s better than just wandering to Golden Corral at some point for a mass-produced meal.

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