Doodly noodly

I actually say it doodle-y noodle-y, and it’s one of those phrases I use when I really have nothing to say but want to make my presence known in a chat room or have a random need to actually say something out loud.

So what am I doing for the holidays? Nada. No lights, no tree, no wrapped presents (the ones taken to the gift exchange for the Lions club party don’t count). I’m eating at Golden Corral. Yeah, I’m perpetuating corporate asshattery, yadda yadda. But they’re going to be open and have people working and away from their families whether I’m there or not, and this year, I’m going to be there. I don’t feel like cooking, I did that for Thanksgiving and there are just massive amounts of “meh” at the prospects of doing it all again less than a month later.

The mild concessions to the holidays I actually made were going to the Lions Christmas party and going with Tina and Chris and the boys to see Nature in Lights. There are lots of great displays, including two sponsored by my Lions club, so it was worth it, even though it’s way the ever-livin’ hell out in the boonies.

I’m pretty happy with my small life. And this sets the bar nice and low for topping next year.

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