It’s a minor thing, but I felt productive today. I actually made myself breakfast (even if it was bacon and hot chocolate… I make hot chocolate the old fashioned way rather than just dumping powder and water or milk in a mug and heating). I ran a load of dishes through the dishwasher… and put them away. I made biscuits from scratch to go with supper, and made one of my signature dishes for supper. I can’t remember if I’ve elaborated on Lemon Asparagus Chicken before, but I am now. If it’s redundant, oh well.

I make it with Betty Crocker potatoes Au Gratin as a side (modified by tearing up a couple slices of sharp cheddar sliced cheese and adding it in) and usually steam myself some spinach as well for a well-rounded meal.

This is a heavy modification of a recipe I found on the back of a cream of asparagus soup can a loooooooong time ago. The recipe called for browning chicken breasts. I’ve gone a simpler way.

I use

2 fully cooked chicken breasts (usually lemon pepper or lemon garlic pepper seasoned from my local grocery store) defrosted
1 can Campbell’s cream of asparagus condensed soup (I usually nab Campbell’s so I can give the labels to niblings)
lemon juice

In a 2-quart casserole dish, I dump the soup, then pour enough milk and lemon juice in the can to get the remaining soup out. It usually works out to a couple of tablespoons of milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Dump that in, pepper to taste, mix it up, put the chicken breasts in and make sure they’re well covered, then pop it in the oven with the potatoes au gratin (usually goes for about 30 minutes at 450°F). Comes out yummy. The HusBrat doesn’t like asparagus, but loves my chicken. He does usually scrape off most of the sauce, but the flavors still seep into the chicken nicely and give it a good flavor.

I realize it may not sound like much, but I did more than hang out on my computer or just read all day, so I feel good, even if after standing for longish periods of time like that tends to make me end up stiff and like my old hurts.

Tell me about it...