Yum and a Big Change

I’m hoping things will still work well and easily, but I’ve decided to quit using Black Kestrel as my primary online identifier. I’ve been phasing it out for a while, and the process is now all but complete.

Why? Because I’m white, and using “black” seems disingenuous. It’s not like I thought there was any confusion, or anyone called me on it, it just didn’t feel like it fit as well as it did… or like it ever truly fit. It might seem a little bit dumb, but I’d rather be a little bit dumb than have that sitting in the back of my head.

On to the yum (yeah, I know it’s backwards). I like to experiment in the kitchen. One of the things I like to experiment with, partially because it’s hard to really ruin, is clam chowder. Like other things, I start with a pre-made base, in this case Campbell’s Chunky. I always add a bit of milk and extra clams, and after being shown that it was indeed yummy, I started adding garlic and spinach. I’ve also added a few other things here and there like sour cream and lemon crystals. I’ll add ginger powder and curry powder in infinitesimal amounts to just about anything. This time, I also included cinnamon, though probably not enough to even taste, and even a few drops of vanilla. I also added a healthy dollop of heavy cream, a squeeze of regular yellow mustard, and a nice slug of champagne.

The end result was something I more blissed out over than merely ate. Honestly, before doing some reading, I hadn’t even considered adding cinnamon and vanilla to a savory dish. They were regulated to cookies and pies and other desserts. I may add a bit more next time, or simply save them for a different dish that they may enhance more.

I also found a simple rolls recipe online and tried it. My results were pretty good, though much denser than the light clouds of bread I get served at restaurants. Not entirely a bad thing, but more experimentation is warranted.

Tell me about it...