Urge to Write

I have the urge to write, but absolutely no idea of what I might have to say. I suppose it boils down to the urge to simply create something, more than a mere tweet.

One of the reasons I got over 10K steps yesterday is that I spent the entire morning (post 7 am, anyway) and a little into the afternoon cleaning. I put a bunch of stuff away, or at least stacked it up neater, threw away a BUNCH of trash, vacuumed, Swiffered, deodorized, and generally made my house a more pleasant place to live and hang out. My FitBit only recorded about 8 minutes of that as “intense activity” but the limits of a gyroscope are fairly clear. Walking at a remotely reasonable pace racks up the minutes fairly quickly, so to reach my goal, I should probably just flat walk more. It might help the swelling I notice in my ankles, too.

In any case, I’ve been getting to bed earlier and up earlier in the last couple of days, and it’s a good trend to continue, so off I go!

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