Okay, I’ve actually carefully avoided using the name, but now I have something to say. Probably not anything new, but here it is.

Some of the GamerGaters have a bit of a point.

First, there are different types of GamerGaters. The ones getting the most attention are the doxxing, harassing, threatening trolls. Some of whom are doing these things to both sides simply to foment discord and some of whom are simply using GamerGate as an excuse to do these things to prominent women in gaming because they are misogynist jerks. Like I said, these are the ones getting attention, and that’s relevant later.

Then there are the ones who are frothing at the mouth about some massive conspiracy between indie game developers, games media (and sometimes mainstream media) and The Feminist Agenda. These people see The Feminist Agenda as made up of the kind of radical misandrist whatever-wave feminists who see sexualization of women as a tool of The Patriarchy and automatically oppressive. Their problem is that they often paint anyone, especially anyone female, who doesn’t specifically disavow being a “feminist” as That Kind of Feminist. (Newsflash…)

Somewhere in there are people who are honestly concerned about the incestuous relationships between game developers and journalists and worry about what lines there are if any and how often they’re crossed. These are trying to be heard and are the ones disavowing the trolls and occasionally the frothers.

The part where some of them have a point is that there ARE radical whatever-wave feminists railing against The Patriarchy who’ve latched onto anti-GamerGate as their platform of choice. There are misandrist jerks just like there are misogynist jerks.

The thing is, there are a lot fewer misandrist ones, and they really aren’t as loud as the misogynist ones. They’re just getting pointed at as justification for the frothers and the misogynists. Which is completely drowning out anyone else in GamerGate.

Tell me about it...