Capitalism Sucks

At least capitalism as practiced in the U.S. now sucks.

It’s really sad that at the moment, I can name one company that treats its employees as human beings who actually have dreams and hopes and aspirations of their own, rather than cogs in a machine that exists solely to make its owners/shareholders money. There are others, but the one company that we hear about that consistently closes down on holidays (even when they’re major shopping days) to give ALL employees a chance to spend the entire day with their families, provides benefits that do more than just the minimum, and pays a wage that allows more than just paying the bills. Costco.

This came up because yet more evidence that the company the HusBrat works for has gone down the toilet in all of those regards came to light. About 4 years ago, apparently one of those companies that specializes in taking over other companies acquired this one. In those four years, the health insurance program has gone from a pretty good Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO to an Aetna one that’s a pain to work with for my doctor’s office and has higher copays and premiums for less coverage. I’m so glad my gall bladder went kaput back before these changes, at least. Other changes: bonuses got kiboshed, raises all but disappeared, the yearly Christmas gifts vanished, company dinners went away… all the little things that gave any kind of impression that the corporate headquarters realized that they had people rather than drones working for them just poofed.

This is why even if the GOP Congress pulls its collective head out of its collective sixth point of contact and passes a jobs bill, little will likely change for the guy on the ground. Because more often than not, companies are not out there to provide services or products, they’re out there to make money and providing services or products just happens to be how they do so. It’s a pretty fine distinction, but it’s definitely there. And it pisses me off.

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