Twenty Sixteen

Oofdah. What a year this has been.

His Bratliness has managed to make a Cubs fan out of me lo these last several years (I was watching during the Steve Bartman incident), so this year’s win was pretty awesome. Here’s to next year being just as awesome for the team.

All the other things, though… I won’t go into the whole dumpster fire this year has been with the deaths of various icons or the politics.

Personally, it’s been pretty good over all. We haven’t gone any deeper into debt, though the debt we carried into this year hasn’t lessened by a whole hell of a lot either. We’re keeping our heads above water, pretty much. We had a friend move in with his two pit bulls, and they’re adorable goofballs. PITA… poor kitty. He’ll be capping off his 21st trip around the sun April 1, which will put him roughly at the equivalent of 100 human years old. He’s fairly close to stone deaf, at least has vision problems, is arthritic enough that he can’t get up on so much as a step stool, and is fairly obviously dealing with some sort of feline dementia, but over all, he seems to be happy. Pepa died back in January, just a few days before my birthday, but she’d been withdrawing for a good long while, so it wasn’t as much of a wrench to see her go.

Looking into 2017, I should really blog more. I have a few ideas, so we’ll see how it goes.

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