Today, dammit

So it’s been a week since I had my first therapy appointment and 5 days since I started on Prozac. I’m not really noticing a lot of difference, but I don’t really expect to. I have fairly consistently been getting more exercise since Friday as well. I haven’t done a ten minute plus stint on the Gazelle today… yet. But I’m definitely getting up and moving a bit more. It’s nice to see my stats rise on Fitbit if nothing else.

I’m still trying not to poke at what I should be doing over what I am doing. Even to the point of “okay, keep this up.” Because projecting keeping something up into the future is the easiest way to become overwhelmed and end up despairing. So this is my frequently-needed reminder to concentrate on the now.

Which means I changed the title of this entry from “Day 5/Day 7” to what it is.

Tell me about it...