So far, pretty decent

After three weeks plus on Prozac, I can say that there’s an improvement. I’m also moving more, getting more steps in, both in spurts and spread out. This week, I’m actually 77 out of 79 and on track to be 82 out of 84 for the twelve hours per day I have my Fitbit set to prod me to get 250 steps per hour. This also has had the benefit of making sure I’m well over my steps for every day, usually by more than a thousand.

The funny thing is that I’ve actually done all this because I gave myself permission to half-ass (or even quarter-ass) things. I’m not beating myself up if I miss an hour. Next hour is another chance. I’ve also been walking around the end of the cul-de-sac at least as much as on the Gazelle. The Gazelle is still the best way for me to get my cardio in, at least partially because my third S6 Edge (first one was stolen, second one had display crap out) has battery issues. Nothing I can’t work around for the most part, so I’m not sweating it. But leaving it plugged in while I’m on the Gazelle with my headphones on is just the best way to do things for the moment. I agree with my therapist that moving more is creating a feedback loop, where I have more energy and feel better; and when I have more energy and feel better, I move more.

One big change I’ve already noticed on Prozac… I probably fall somewhere between normal PMS and PMDD at least on the mood spectrum, since I’m ridiculously fortunate enough to fairly rarely have cramps. But I do tend to get downright bitchy when I’m due, and this month, I was actually surprised because I hadn’t had any of the moodiness I normally do. Marcus and John noticed as well. So if nothing else, that’s a huge help.

Right now, I actually have my fingers crossed (though not my breath held…) that I can actually get to downright happy rather than content.

Tell me about it...