The Socks, They Are Rocked

I’m still moving. And I’m seeing results. Not just losing weight — which I am — but also in lower resting heart rate and generally feeling better. I impressed my doctor last week at my annual physical. I still think therapy and Prozac are feeding into that. I’m also expressing myself and asserting myself better. If my needs aren’t heard, they can’t be met.

I’ve been on the “solo adventures” in Yosemite on Fitbit and am pretty bummed that the only other ones are portions of the New York Marathon (5K, 10K and whole shebang). I’d love to see something along Glenwood Canyon in Colorado or in Arches National Park, for example. It’s a great way to get moving. I’ve added my input to the suggestions on the community forums, so fingers crossed.

But today, I got 74 active minutes, because I wanted to make it so I got as many hours as days in the week. At least so far. So as of right now, I have 240 active minutes for this week. The sense of accomplishment is pretty empowering. Rawr.

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