I’m not very good at keeping up with this. Though better than I thought, since my last entry was at the beginning of this month, and not yonks ago as I thought.

I thought I hit a plateau, and I did, but it was because I was “cheating” in my workouts. I could get my heart rate up nicely by dancing around, though I was mainly swinging my arms. It was great for my step count, too. Unfortunately, it wasn’t particularly great for actually doing anything to keep my momentum with lower heart rate and yes, weight loss going. Last week, though, I started getting back on the Gazelle (helped by getting a new one that doesn’t fardling squeak with every step) and going outside to walk around the end of the cul-de-sac for my hourly steps. I’m getting fewer over all, though not by too terribly much, and the ones I’m getting count more.

I’m also doing better about my eating habits, going back to portion control and better choices, though I’m not cutting anything out entirely, including donuts.

I’m still hoping they add more solo adventures, because it’s pretty neat to basically add a gorgeously picturesque virtual hike to a normal routine.

This entry is the first… maybe the only, maybe not… from the WordPress app on my phone.

Tell me about it...