Puppies, Doggadoos, Pibbles

About 15½ months ago, a pair of 85-pound pit bulls jumped out of my friend (and at that point becoming roommate) Marcus’ Explorer and straight into my heart. They’re ridiculously adorable almost all of the time, well-trained, and just sweet goofballs.

They’ve rubbed or clawed or licked most of the “leather” from the couch, but I’d definitely rather have them than an intact couch. Right now, the d spotted one, Linden, is snoozing on the floor to my left, keeping an eye on me until I go to bed. He’s a fantastically calming influence, too. Ronin, the cinnamon-colored one, is younger and more hyper. He’s the one who’s absolutely always up for a bit of fun, even if he can be a little over-enthusiastic.

My life is thousands of times better for having these two in it.

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