Late Start

So I’m not going to try to make myself do all the things, but I am going to give myself credit when I do any of the things. So, to give credit… Marcus (roommate) offered to pay my copays for getting therapy for depression. I’ve had it pretty much as long as I can remember. […]

Twenty Seventeen

So now it’s twenty seventeen. Not that I expected it to be, nor expect it to be for at least the first few weeks, it’s not different from 2016.

However, the day after my forty-first birthday, I expect things to begin to change pretty drastically. The biggest change will be that we will definitively no […]

New Avatar

I commissioned a new avatar, something more reflective of me rather than a character I play. Though it still incorporates characters I play, it’s more along the lines of those characters being an outgrowth of my own. So I got something with a Celtic and raven motif, and I adore it. Lar DeSouza drew me […]

A look back and addition

I looked back at previous entries and noticed the one on Houses. We actually bought out of our lease as part of buying a house. I got every single thing in my deal-breakers list, and all but the fireplace and wet bar on the “I’d Like” list. Basically. In exchange for a separate/extra family room […]

All new?

I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot with the front end of this site for a long time, letting things just… go.

I updated a lot of things, changed a few around, and generally made the whole thing cleaner-looking. At least I think so.

I also am going to stop limiting just what […]