The Socks, They Are Rocked

I’m still moving. And I’m seeing results. Not just losing weight — which I am — but also in lower resting heart rate and generally feeling better. I impressed my doctor last week at my annual physical. I still think therapy and Prozac are feeding into that. I’m also expressing myself and asserting myself better. […]

One Mote

Someone tweeted a letter Matt Fraction wrote on his website in response to someone writing him asking if maybe suicide actually was a viable option. I’ve never read any of his stuff but this. If I never do, I’m glad I did.

There have been so. many. times. that I’ve been so very tired of […]


It’s been a long time since I posted. In some ways, it’s been a long time since I did anything.

I had actually started driving a cab just under 3 weeks before I posted last time. I enjoyed it, was told by the owner of the company that I was fairly good at it… but.


On Depression

I’m not always interested in reading about others’ struggles with depression. I do, however, know I need to read them.

Claiming some sort of mental health problem seems to be kind of an “in” thing. Anything from something on the autistic spectrum to bi-polar or whatever. Of course, my own prejudices color this, because I […]