One Wish

If I could have one, single, world-changing wish, it would be that every single person in the world could enjoy the same level of privilege (in opportunity, in being the norm, in having a voice, in loving the person or persons you wish and marrying them… in every single way) that white cisgendered hetero able-bodied […]

Walk in Beauty

I don’t know a whole lot about it, probably barely more than a typical Anglo (and that mostly from the fiction of Tony Hillerman and David & Aimée Thurlo), but something intrigues me about the Navajo Way. It’s more than a religion, it’s a complete lifestyle that extends from the spiritual outward.

The whole point […]

Of marriage, hearth, and home

It isn’t very often I come out of a dream with an insight that has me going “Oh, wow.” but I did tonight.

I fairly vaguely remember most of my dream, but like usual, it was like a movie that held snippets of something like my life and that at different times, I was taking […]

A show I’d like to see

Or better yet, participate in. It conglomerates The Biggest Loser, perhaps some of The Amazing Race and the Discovery Channel’s Fight Quest.

This was one of those ideas born in that slow waking-up time, off the edges of a dream.

The basic idea is that groups of people would travel around the world to various […]