Puppies, Doggadoos, Pibbles

About 15½ months ago, a pair of 85-pound pit bulls jumped out of my friend (and at that point becoming roommate) Marcus’ Explorer and straight into my heart. They’re ridiculously adorable almost all of the time, well-trained, and just sweet goofballs.

They’ve rubbed or clawed or licked most of the “leather” from the couch, but […]


I’m not very good at keeping up with this. Though better than I thought, since my last entry was at the beginning of this month, and not yonks ago as I thought.

I thought I hit a plateau, and I did, but it was because I was “cheating” in my workouts. I could get my […]

The Socks, They Are Rocked

I’m still moving. And I’m seeing results. Not just losing weight — which I am — but also in lower resting heart rate and generally feeling better. I impressed my doctor last week at my annual physical. I still think therapy and Prozac are feeding into that. I’m also expressing myself and asserting myself better. […]