One Mote

Someone tweeted a letter Matt Fraction wrote on his website in response to someone writing him asking if maybe suicide actually was a viable option. I’ve never read any of his stuff but this. If I never do, I’m glad I did.

There have been so. many. times. that I’ve been so very tired of […]

All new?

I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot with the front end of this site for a long time, letting things just… go.

I updated a lot of things, changed a few around, and generally made the whole thing cleaner-looking. At least I think so.

I also am going to stop limiting just what […]


John and I have said for a while now that when we get our vehicle paid off, we want to buy a house. Of course, that got put off when we totalled our car just a few months before we paid it off, back in ’07.

I’ve put some thought into what I want in […]