New Avatar

I commissioned a new avatar, something more reflective of me rather than a character I play. Though it still incorporates characters I play, it’s more along the lines of those characters being an outgrowth of my own. So I got something with a Celtic and raven motif, and I adore it. Lar DeSouza drew me […]


Someone I respect quite a bit linked to a comment that ended up sickening me for all the wrong reasons.

The comment:

This month what it means to be a woman is getting gang raped on a bus until you die from it. It means being drugged and carried to multiple parties where teenage boys […]

Please Stand By for a Demonstration of Relevancy

You know, I like having my little blog over here in the corner nobody pays any attention to a little better now.

At least I don’t get badly-written idiot pitches by idiots who really should not be working in PR. My fellow Texan Jenny Lawson over at The Bloggess has gotten enough pitches from PR […]