I’ve actually been thinking of myself as 38 for over a year now. For some reason, I got it into my head last year that I was coming up on my 38th birthday and never quite shook the thought. So yes, when I stopped to think about it, I did catch myself and think “yeah, […]


In the interest of blogging more, and in the interest of sharing my wit… for the all of one person (me) who actually reads this thing, I note that Ted Cruz did campaign on screwing up politics in Washington and on opposing President Obama. He’s kept his campaign promises with a vengeance. Unfortunately, in just […]

One Mote

Someone tweeted a letter Matt Fraction wrote on his website in response to someone writing him asking if maybe suicide actually was a viable option. I’ve never read any of his stuff but this. If I never do, I’m glad I did.

There have been so. many. times. that I’ve been so very tired of […]

The Dorm Student’s Prayer

This was definitely something that would have gone on my wall or door or whatnot during the entirety of the five years I lived in dorms.

Our Pasta, who art in colander draining be thy noodles.

Thy noodle come thy sauce be yum on top of some grated parmesan.

Give us this day our garlic […]

I Will Never Be An Award-Winning Blogger

Watching The Story Board with Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson, John Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton (I have Jenny’s and Wil’s blogs on my daily read list, and frequently read Scalzi’s, usually when one of the other two links to his…) I realize again that I will never have an actual following.

I’m okay with that. I […]

On Depression

I’m not always interested in reading about others’ struggles with depression. I do, however, know I need to read them.

Claiming some sort of mental health problem seems to be kind of an “in” thing. Anything from something on the autistic spectrum to bi-polar or whatever. Of course, my own prejudices color this, because I […]

Leverage Giveaway

I’m a little nuts about Leverage. Okay, I’m a lot nuts about it. I started out being nuts about Christian Kane, and I’m still nuts to a ridiculous degree about the man. He’s as lickable as all of the guys in “Magic Mike” put together, and there are some lickable guys there.

So when there’s […]