I’m Learning

Over the last few months, I’ve been slowly learning what it actually means to be me. I have a pretty major amount of privilege. My biggest privilege is that I’m white. It’s the most apparent, and still far and away the most catered to. I’m cisgendered. I’m a girly girl who was born with an […]

Interesting Confluence

I have a friend on twitter, I’ll call her G. She’s been tweeting about rape every day. Statistics on rape, little ways a woman has to think about rape, and various commentary on rape culture.

Some examples. She retweeted “‘a woman is sexually assaulted in India every 20 minutes; in the United States, it’s every […]

Where I Stand

On a whim prompted by the suggestions of the person behind the @GlennAllenWalker twitter handle, I started looking into the Whigs, both historical, and from that Wikipedia entry, the Modern Whig Party.

After looking through their website and their statements on where they stand on various issues, I’ve codified a little further where I stand […]


I read this comment on a YouTube video talking about austerity. The video is actually irrelevant, but the comment really struck me.

“The obvious solution is to stop being poor. Go get a job and make some money. Live below your means so you can save up and become rich! And get an education so […]

Three languages? Trilingual. Two? Bilingual. One? American.

There’s an old joke that asks what someone who can speak x number of languages is called, and goes through (depending on how pedantic the teller is) the various prefixes down through bilingual for someone who speaks two languages. The final question is, of course, what one would call someone who can only speak a […]

Walk in Beauty

I don’t know a whole lot about it, probably barely more than a typical Anglo (and that mostly from the fiction of Tony Hillerman and David & Aimée Thurlo), but something intrigues me about the Navajo Way. It’s more than a religion, it’s a complete lifestyle that extends from the spiritual outward.

The whole point […]

Of marriage, hearth, and home

It isn’t very often I come out of a dream with an insight that has me going “Oh, wow.” but I did tonight.

I fairly vaguely remember most of my dream, but like usual, it was like a movie that held snippets of something like my life and that at different times, I was taking […]