I will be calling one of my two senators…

I’ve heard the calls to “keep calling your senators, tell them that Trump’s cabinet picks are garbage and to not repeal the ACA.”

There’s two problems with that. My senators, Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. Most of the country is familiar with Ted Cruz by now, and John Cornyn is just a quieter Tea Party […]

Twenty Seventeen

So now it’s twenty seventeen. Not that I expected it to be, nor expect it to be for at least the first few weeks, it’s not different from 2016.

However, the day after my forty-first birthday, I expect things to begin to change pretty drastically. The biggest change will be that we will definitively no […]

Capitalism Sucks

At least capitalism as practiced in the U.S. now sucks.

It’s really sad that at the moment, I can name one company that treats its employees as human beings who actually have dreams and hopes and aspirations of their own, rather than cogs in a machine that exists solely to make its owners/shareholders money. There […]


Someone on my Facebook feed shared an article on a Catholic website that includes part of an interview with an Iraqi bishop in an Italian paper. The Iraqi bishop “warns” Europeans and Western Christians, conflating all Muslims with the radicals that want everyone in the world converted or dead, ironically outing himself as the same […]


In the interest of blogging more, and in the interest of sharing my wit… for the all of one person (me) who actually reads this thing, I note that Ted Cruz did campaign on screwing up politics in Washington and on opposing President Obama. He’s kept his campaign promises with a vengeance. Unfortunately, in just […]

Where I Stand

On a whim prompted by the suggestions of the person behind the @GlennAllenWalker twitter handle, I started looking into the Whigs, both historical, and from that Wikipedia entry, the Modern Whig Party.

After looking through their website and their statements on where they stand on various issues, I’ve codified a little further where I stand […]

My Stance on Reproductive Rights

I can’t remember where I saw it, but the most reasonable and coherent position I’ve seen on reproductive rights comes down to a simple concept.

No government, at any level, has the right to compel one person to use the resources of their body to ensure another person’s well-being or even life. Period.

This neatly […]