Twenty Sixteen

Oofdah. What a year this has been.

His Bratliness has managed to make a Cubs fan out of me lo these last several years (I was watching during the Steve Bartman incident), so this year’s win was pretty awesome. Here’s to next year being just as awesome for the team.

All the other things, though… […]

Equality vs. Equity

I read somewhere recently, and I can’t remember where right now (damn it!) something that clicked in a major way for me. What is being sought is not equality for everyone. It’s equity. The way that clicked it into place for me was a cartoon of three people watching a baseball game over a fence. […]

Capitalism Sucks

At least capitalism as practiced in the U.S. now sucks.

It’s really sad that at the moment, I can name one company that treats its employees as human beings who actually have dreams and hopes and aspirations of their own, rather than cogs in a machine that exists solely to make its owners/shareholders money. There […]


I realized a few minutes ago that I truly can not think of anything positive my brother has ever had to say about me, except maybe that I’m his sister. This is due to a lot of factors. I’m upset at him right now for his extremely conservative mindset, the way I treated him while […]

Doodly noodly

I actually say it doodle-y noodle-y, and it’s one of those phrases I use when I really have nothing to say but want to make my presence known in a chat room or have a random need to actually say something out loud.

So what am I doing for the holidays? Nada. No lights, no […]

I have a blog, I should post to it

So tomorrow we’re doing a Straysgiving, like so many people, are. It seems to be common for twenty- and thirty-somethings, especially in the last few years. Most of us can’t afford to go home, it seems. So we get together with our friends and have the meals pot-luck.

Our meal tomorrow will be not untypical. […]


It’s been a long time since I posted. In some ways, it’s been a long time since I did anything.

I had actually started driving a cab just under 3 weeks before I posted last time. I enjoyed it, was told by the owner of the company that I was fairly good at it… but.