Mental Backlash

Ye gods, another post from me! When does it all end? …anyway.

The local CBS affiliate teased a story they were covering on the 10 o’clock broadcast during prime time. The story was about parents protesting a billboard near an elementary school advertising help for online porn addiction. That kind of thing really doesn’t need […]

I Will Never Be An Award-Winning Blogger

Watching The Story Board with Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson, John Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton (I have Jenny’s and Wil’s blogs on my daily read list, and frequently read Scalzi’s, usually when one of the other two links to his…) I realize again that I will never have an actual following.

I’m okay with that. I […]

On Depression

I’m not always interested in reading about others’ struggles with depression. I do, however, know I need to read them.

Claiming some sort of mental health problem seems to be kind of an “in” thing. Anything from something on the autistic spectrum to bi-polar or whatever. Of course, my own prejudices color this, because I […]

Please Stand By for a Demonstration of Relevancy

You know, I like having my little blog over here in the corner nobody pays any attention to a little better now.

At least I don’t get badly-written idiot pitches by idiots who really should not be working in PR. My fellow Texan Jenny Lawson over at The Bloggess has gotten enough pitches from PR […]

An insight?

I had a dream that I believe gives me some insight into our political system.

It started as a basic sci-fi premise that’s been seen many times. A technologically advanced group lands on a planet and observes and/or helps one or more groups on that planet.

I seemed to be in the observational group. The […]

Three languages? Trilingual. Two? Bilingual. One? American.

There’s an old joke that asks what someone who can speak x number of languages is called, and goes through (depending on how pedantic the teller is) the various prefixes down through bilingual for someone who speaks two languages. The final question is, of course, what one would call someone who can only speak a […]

Of Coffee and Tea

I’ve got a fairly wide variety of caffeinated beverages I like. Well, okay, it can basically be narrowed to three. Coffee, tea, and Pepsi. Dr Pepper and Coke will do in a pinch (usually occurring at a burger joint that doesn’t serve Pepsi products or Barq’s root beer).

Ooh. And G33k B33r, but that’s in […]