I realized a few minutes ago that I truly can not think of anything positive my brother has ever had to say about me, except maybe that I’m his sister. This is due to a lot of factors. I’m upset at him right now for his extremely conservative mindset, the way I treated him while […]

I’m Learning

Over the last few months, I’ve been slowly learning what it actually means to be me. I have a pretty major amount of privilege. My biggest privilege is that I’m white. It’s the most apparent, and still far and away the most catered to. I’m cisgendered. I’m a girly girl who was born with an […]

In contrast

I kind of half-wrote a blog entry in my head while I was drowsing back off this morning after putting the trash can out, while listening to a “monks chanting” sound from a white noise app I downloaded last night.

There are people whose religion is a structure for them to add to the world. […]

Mental Backlash

Ye gods, another post from me! When does it all end? …anyway.

The local CBS affiliate teased a story they were covering on the 10 o’clock broadcast during prime time. The story was about parents protesting a billboard near an elementary school advertising help for online porn addiction. That kind of thing really doesn’t need […]

I Will Never Be An Award-Winning Blogger

Watching The Story Board with Jenny “The Bloggess” Lawson, John Scalzi, and Wil Wheaton (I have Jenny’s and Wil’s blogs on my daily read list, and frequently read Scalzi’s, usually when one of the other two links to his…) I realize again that I will never have an actual following.

I’m okay with that. I […]

Please Stand By for a Demonstration of Relevancy

You know, I like having my little blog over here in the corner nobody pays any attention to a little better now.

At least I don’t get badly-written idiot pitches by idiots who really should not be working in PR. My fellow Texan Jenny Lawson over at The Bloggess has gotten enough pitches from PR […]


I remember taking a song I had heard the previous year to my high school choir teacher my sophomore year. He dismissed it as weak. I don’t remember the words, just the attitude. The music itself was too pop-y, and the lyrics were nonsense feel-good junk. Basically, it was characterized as a musical candy bar. […]