A Tale of Two Resumes

Disclaimer: These names and histories are ENTIRELY AND COMPLETELY fictional. However, they are entirely true to life, if rather optimistic.

There’s a company hiring for a single managerial position. There are two resumes for the final candidates. One is for Andrew Richards, the other for Andre Watson.

Andrew is 34, went to a fairly decent […]

Equality vs. Equity

I read somewhere recently, and I can’t remember where right now (damn it!) something that clicked in a major way for me. What is being sought is not equality for everyone. It’s equity. The way that clicked it into place for me was a cartoon of three people watching a baseball game over a fence. […]


There’s been a Gawker article making the rounds asserting that “Douchebag” might just be the white racial slur we’ve all been waiting for, though it does specify that it’s intended at entitled white males. [See here]

I maintain that entitled white males have already given us what we’re looking for, though we do need to […]


Someone on my Facebook feed shared an article on a Catholic website that includes part of an interview with an Iraqi bishop in an Italian paper. The Iraqi bishop “warns” Europeans and Western Christians, conflating all Muslims with the radicals that want everyone in the world converted or dead, ironically outing himself as the same […]

Desperately Lonely. | Infactorium

From Desperately Lonely. | Infactorium. Retweeted by author Elizabeth Moon from @kejames. A powerful post on overcoming loneliness and entitlement.

I was a virgin until I was twenty-five. I was never any good at attracting attention from women from puberty. I spent about 12 years of my life desperately wanting a girlfriend. Longing with stupid […]

One Wish

If I could have one, single, world-changing wish, it would be that every single person in the world could enjoy the same level of privilege (in opportunity, in being the norm, in having a voice, in loving the person or persons you wish and marrying them… in every single way) that white cisgendered hetero able-bodied […]


I realized a few minutes ago that I truly can not think of anything positive my brother has ever had to say about me, except maybe that I’m his sister. This is due to a lot of factors. I’m upset at him right now for his extremely conservative mindset, the way I treated him while […]