Capitalism Sucks

At least capitalism as practiced in the U.S. now sucks.

It’s really sad that at the moment, I can name one company that treats its employees as human beings who actually have dreams and hopes and aspirations of their own, rather than cogs in a machine that exists solely to make its owners/shareholders money. There […]

But it’s bullshit

From Tumblr user Red No. 3 ( via my friend Hillary (hillarygayle on both tumblr and twitter)

It always comes back to this for fat shamers. They can rephrase it, spin it, decorate it all they like, but it all comes back to this.

“But it’s unhealthy!”

This is their go-to justification for every single […]


Someone I respect quite a bit linked to a comment that ended up sickening me for all the wrong reasons.

The comment:

This month what it means to be a woman is getting gang raped on a bus until you die from it. It means being drugged and carried to multiple parties where teenage boys […]

Mental Backlash

Ye gods, another post from me! When does it all end? …anyway.

The local CBS affiliate teased a story they were covering on the 10 o’clock broadcast during prime time. The story was about parents protesting a billboard near an elementary school advertising help for online porn addiction. That kind of thing really doesn’t need […]