New Avatar

I commissioned a new avatar, something more reflective of me rather than a character I play. Though it still incorporates characters I play, it’s more along the lines of those characters being an outgrowth of my own. So I got something with a Celtic and raven motif, and I adore it. Lar DeSouza drew me […]

Yummy experimentation results

I fairly recently tried the International Delight iced coffee in mocha, and loved it. But the half-gallon carton was going way too fast before payday. Also, I had a wild hair that I wanted hot chocolate, but after actually making it, decided I didn’t, really. So an experiment was born. I brewed some coffee into […]


And I ended up expending my creativity in a big burst. I felt the need to have some kind of description of plot hooks that can my roleplaying characters moving, and after starting with a page where I was going to anchor and cross link things to a list, I realized that oh, yeah, there’s […]