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    Blogging? Whazzat?

    Facebook and Twitter, especially, have kind of reduced the digital diaries some of us used to keep to soundbites and memes, even with Facebook’s ability to accommodate longer, blog-like posts. And this isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes… really often even, a meme can say something more succinctly than a dozen blog posts ever could.

    I’ve been horridly inconsistent about posting here for many reasons, including more or less forgetting this exists much of the time. But since I remember, and I have the motivation, here we go.

    I read a lot about Wil Wheaton and how he’s processing the trauma that his minor years caused and in some ways still causes him. How he wants to go back to the kid he was and love him and give him all the validation he never felt. I wish that for him, too. I’m glad he’s let it turn him into the kind person he is now.

    I have a rosier view of my growing up years. I know that there were times I felt alone and unloved and unlovable, but they were always transient, especially from the perspective of now. The overall picture I have is of being loved and supported, however imperfectly. There were expectations I’ve never and probably will never live up to, and those are probably the biggest negatives, but I’ve never had a lasting impression that my parents anything other than loved me and felt that I was worthy of love simply for existing.

    I do have a feeling that if the me I was at various ages could talk to me now, they’d probably have a few things to say, and I’d validate every one of them, because they’re true, for that point. I do have the perspective of the entirety so far, so there are things that are true now that wouldn’t have been then.

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